Health Protocols By Dr D’Adamo

A series of Naturopathic Protocols designed by Dr D’Adamo are listed below to help enhance your health and well-being. These Protocols should not be used as a substitute for a licensed Doctor or Practitioner and are not to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any specific condition or disease. It is important that you check, before using any supplements, with a Physician.

If you wish to have a more extensive discussion on the use of herbs and supplements in conjunction with the Blood Type Diet contact me to arrange a consultation. I am one of Dr D’Adamo’s qualified Master Practitioners. The full Swami Pro software consultation is available as is a more concise Blood Type Diet consultation. The Swami Xp can be purchased for home use.

As a qualified Medical Herbalist I have a dispensary containing a wide range of herbs and professional supplements and access, in most cases, to any of the more obscure herbal products Dr D’Adamo has recommended. Dr D’Adamo’s full range of specifically designed products for the Blood Type Diet and Genotype Diet are also available.

  1. Allergy Control Protocols
  2. Antibacterial Support Protocols
  3. Antibiotic Support Protocols
  4. Anti-Inflammation Support Protocols
  5. Anti-Stress Support Protocols
  6. Anti-Viral Support Protocols
  7. Arthritis Support Protocols
  8. Blood Building Support Protocols
  9. Cancer Prevention Support Protocols
  10. Cardiovascular Health Support Protocols
  11. Chemotherapy Adjunct Support Protocols
  12. Chronic Illness Recovery Support Protocols
  13. Cognitive Function Support Protocols
  14. Detoxification Support Protocols
  15. Fatigue Support Protocols
  16. Female Balance Support Protocols
  17. Immune Support Protocols
  18. Intestinal Health Protocols
  19. Liver Support Protocols
  20. Male Health Protocols
  21. Menopause Support Protocols
  22. Metabolic Enhancement Protocols
  23. Nerve Health Support Protocols
  24. Pulmonary Support Protocols
  25. Sinus Health Protocols
  26. Skin Support Protocols
  27. Healthy Stomach Support Protocols
  28. Post Surgery Support Protocols
  29. Healthy Urinary Tract Protocols
  30. Yeast/ Fungus Health Support Protocols
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