Blood Type Diet and How to get Started

No. 1

What is your Blood Type?

Blood Type Testing Kit

If you don’t already know what your blood type is, you can find out by purchasing one of our simple to use Home Blood Type Testing kits. You can also purchase kits for your family and friends.

Testing Kits

No. 2

Learn more about the Blood Type Diet by reading one of Dr D’Adamo’s books.

No. 3

Make the change to Dr D’Adamo’s unique range of foods and supplements, designed specifically for each Blood Type and also a range for All Blood Types. They do not contain any artificial fillers, animal stearates or synthetics and they are all in liquid, capsule or powder form and very easy to assimilate.

Basic Pack

Weight Loss Supplements

All Blood Type Supplements

No. 4

Highly Beneficial – Choose one food that is highly beneficial and add it to your diet. Take this gradual approach to allow your body time to adjust.
Avoid – Start also by choosing one food to slowly eliminate then avoid completely from your diet from the Avoid list.
Neutral – The neutral food category can be eaten in moderation.

eg. For Blood Type O –

  • Avoid: Wheat
  • Neutral: Spelt Flour
  • Beneficial: Beef, Lamb
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