Stress Fitness Pack B


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Designed for the B blood type to help reduce excess cortisol and the metabolism of Nitric Oxide to reduce stress and also to support fitness and joint health.

* Nitricycle – Nitric Oxide is also known to enhance the flow of blood to the muscles, bringing with it much needed nutrients, oxygen and hormones.

* Connectivar – Helps maintain joint stability, and blood vessel, capillary, and ligament strength.

* Genoma Cardia – Formula based around the combination of the herb Hawthorn berry and the amino acid l-Taurine and is designed to promote healthy cardiovascular function.

* Proberry Caps contains concentrated extracts of Elderberry, Black Cherry, and Blueberry, as well as other botanicals which are anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing. Often overlooked in favor of structural support, immune function is also crucial in promoting healing and reducing susceptibility to illness following physical activitiy.

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