Metabolism Booster Pack O


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Designed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo for maximum weight loss support.

Determined to lose weight and keep it off? Get on the road to success with our Metabolism Booster program! In addition to following the personalized diet and exercise guidelines found in Dr. D’Adamo’s books, the products in the Metabolism Booster pack jump-start your body’s natural ability to burn calories, balance blood sugar, and block harmful lectins.

The Metabolism Booster pack contains everything you need for weight loss success:

El Dorado – a unique combination of ingredients that boosts metabolism by stimulating your cells to convert carbs into energy so you more effectively burn calories (and lose that spare tire!).

Glycoscia – naturally balances blood sugar levels and prevents the spikes and dips that result in cravings and out-of-control eating,

Deflect O – formulated to block harmful lectins that promote weight gain and repairs existing lectin damage.

Harmonia Deluxe – an alkalizing beverage powder that supports the body’s natural weight loss processes. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, it’s a delicious way to introduce more healthy greens into your daily diet!

Take the first step on the road to optimal health today – the only thing you have to lose is the weight.

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