GenoType Testing Kit


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Determine your genotype using Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s amazing home genotyping kit. It contains all the tools you need, including a guide, to take you through all the steps to determine your genotype. And by determining your genotype you can use that valuable information to live your life healthier.

What does our genotyping kit reveals about you?

· Are you at risk of heart diseases or cancer?

· Determine the best weight loss method based on your blood type.

· Know about fertility from the length of your index and ring fingers.

· The role your taste buds play in cravings for alcohol, sugar and caffeine

· Know your best diet choices based on the shape of your teeth.

What are included in this Genotyping kit?

· Taster Strips

· Biometric protractor/ruler

· Fingerprinting Tools

· Easy-Typing Guide

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